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68% of private investors lose money when they trade CFDs with eToro.
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Best commodity brokers

It can be tricky to find the right one among the world’s commodity brokers with CFDs, as there are such a big range of them. We are a group of Britons and Swedes with a financial background who have been trading commodities continuously for over 20 years. At ForexTrading.uk, suitable sites for CFD trading with commodities such as oil, gold, silver, cotton, aluminum and general equities are tested, reviewed and investigated.

The reviews rate everything from costs, support response time, possible leverage, available software, what licenses are available, and the range of soft and hard commodities and other financial instruments that’s available. Of course, we also go through how user-friendly a site is, give our opinions on design and appearance as well as financial stability of CFD brokers for commodities. All in all, this gives an overall rating that you can see in more detail by clicking on the review buttons. We rank commodity brokers in a top list, which shows the absolute best ones for Brits at the top of the list.

Top list of the best commodity CFD brokers based on our detailed tests. Optimal for everyone looking to get started quickly and smoothly.

Skilling: Trading. Easily. All types of trading in silver, gold, other commodities, stocks and currencies from one place.

63% of retail investor accounts lose money.

CMC Markets: Buy silver and other commodities from a great commodity CFD broker with a fantastic platform.

69% of all non-professional clients lose money on CFD-trading with this broker.

Capital: Trade commodities like silver with CFDs a little smarter. You get help from AI from the trading site Capital.

75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with Capital.

eToro: Extensive range of commodities for easy & social CFD trading online. Trade gold and silver with or without leverage. You choose yourself, very simple.

68% of private investors lose money when they trade CFDs with eToro.

AvaTrade: Become a winner in the commodity market with gold or silver trading. Do as Manchester City, run AvaTrade.

71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with Avatrade.

Plus 500: Reliable, simple & innovative commodity CFD trading with STP execution.

72% of CFD-accounts for non-professional customers loose money.

Below are nine of the most important factors that we examine, check and verify for all commodity brokers on the list above:

What ownership structure is there for the company?
Who is behind a certain commodity trading brand? There can be a big difference between ownership structures and founders. We do our best to get in touch with investors in an unobtrusive way and look up in the company register to see more about who owns or are involved in a certain company. A background check is done to ensure that the owners behind all the commodity trading companies shown are serious and worth using.

How is the spread?
An important factor when trading commodities with CFDs such as oil and gold is the spread, ie the difference you have to pay between buying and selling. Firms with a low spread and fast order processing will of course get a better rating and all commodity brokers will be tested on both computer, mobile and tablet. We are of course trying to investigate so that the spread is the same on both MT4, MT5 and the proprietary platforms. The rating given is based on the total spread for all platforms offered.

How fast do you start trading commodities?
While it takes less than 60 seconds to register on the main sites, it can take 5-10 minutes to get started with some less impressive companies. This of course affects the total rating.

What are the open and hidden fees?
It is not uncommon for commodity and currency brokers to have a plethora of hidden fees. Some examples include an inactivity fee after 1-12 months, possible withdrawal fees or costs for spread or commission. Sites with low fees naturally get better ratings than commodity brokers with the majority of hidden fees.

What rules must be followed?
When we talk about laws, it is UK licensing that applies, but a significant proportion of intermediaries, commodity traders, currency brokers and online trading companies are also regulated from EU, Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Mauritius etc. We give higher rating to sites that follow UK rules for natural reasons, as they suit us who live in Great Britain. The UK also has requirements for segregated accounts between client funds and the trading firm's accounts, as well as many other tough financial requirements for leverage and cryptocurrencies that do not always exist outside the region.

What is used for software?
Has the commodity trading site developed its own platform where you can trade? Many have it, but a large proportion use third-party solutions, which then must be evaluated. Of course, we do a thorough check from several different units, to find faults and problems, and to show screenshots of both positive and negative sides - so that you can decide for yourself what suits you.

Are there any opportunities to flexible leverage?
Most unregulated commodity trading companies today issue leverage options without major "requirements" or controls. From UK licensed firms, you can often get 10x (1000%) leverage when trading crude oil, brent oil and other types of oil or gold. The most sophisticated brokers have options for flexible leverage - allowing you to remove the leverage when trading CFDs if you desire. All of this is rated to make it easy for you to decide what suits your trading style.

Does the company have British support?
Is fast support offered from several different channels, such as email, live chat and phone? We ask a few questions to test the support and see how quickly they return and how advanced answers are given. Everything from language to clarity and speed is evaluated. After all, ForexTrading.uk would prefer if all firms use British customer support rather than Indian call centres.

Which commodities can you buy?
The amount of commodities, but also currencies, shares and other available CFD instruments are discussed to describe but also to assess how suitable a specific commodity broker actually is. The more types of oil that can be traded, or the more variations of gold (eg gold bars or physical gold), the higher the rating will be awarded.

Should you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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