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68% of private investors lose money when they trade CFDs with eToro.
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We at Forex Trading are working to become the best option for those who are looking for a quick 5 minutes guide when you plan to discover trading online. For beginners, it can be a good start reading trading books, but nothing is probably better than practicing trading yourself. Through training you get better. So even when it comes to online trading. Continue below to get started learning how to trade online in a really easy way or check out some well-selected videos about online trading if you don’t feel for reading any more!

Getting started with online trading

Never before has it been easier to start with online trading. In today’s modern society, all online trading options can be found a click away. You can trade everything from stocks to commodities or regular forex trading with CFDs on one platform.

You are not limited to forex trading or buying shares with CFDs anymore. Never before have so many varied methods of online trading been available to private individuals as it is in 2021. With generous leverage opportunities for both short selling of currency pairs, commodities and foreign shares when using CFDs, it is not unexpected that many quickly get started with an established and versatile online trading brokers such as Skilling. Here we guide you how to get started and what can be traded.

Different sections to discover:
UK’s Best Online Trading Brokers
How to get Started!
Trade Share CFDs
Shorting Share CFDs
Trade Forex CFDs
Trade Commodity CFDs
Find a Demo Account
Online Trading From Home
Find a Demo Account
Trading Courses

UK’s best online trading broker with all in one platform

Below you will find the most reliable online trading brokers for Brits, which have been extensively tested and verified by us with CFDs. Create an online trading account from one of the recommended sites below:

eToro – Betyg: 9.78/10
eToro is full of CFDs and non-CFD products as equities. Offers trading through their app.
68% of private investors lose money when they trade CFDs with eToro.

Skilling – Betyg: 9.56/10
Innovative trading company made by tech experts. Everything goes quickly and smoothly. Enjoy really inutitive CFD trading.
63% of retail investor accounts lose money.

CMC Markets – Betyg: 9.67/10
One of the market’s widest CFD offerings; 330 currencies and thousands of shares.
69% of all non-professional clients lose money on CFD-trading with this broker.

Capital – Betyg: 9.67/10
Trade forex on CFDs smarter with the help of AI from the trading site Capital.
75.26% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with Capital.

Plus 500 – Betyg: 9.56/10
The most capitalised CFD company in Europe. Listed in London. Over 2000 instruments to enjoy.
72% of CFD-accounts for non-professional customers loose money.

AvaTrade – Betyg: 9.56/10
AvaTrade lets you take control of CFD trading with MT4, SharpTrader and DupliTrade.
71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with Avatrade.

How to get Started With Online Trading?

It’s quick to get started. When signing up for new forex brokers like Skilling, it only takes 10 seconds to get started.
1. Go to the registration page for Skilling
2. Fill in your e-mail and select a password.
3. Select account currency, GBP, USD or EUR. Our suggestion: GBP, if you live in the UK and get your salary in that currency.
4. Start trading without risk with an online trading demo account.

Buy shares with CFDs

Trading stocks today accounts for the bulk of online trading, although more and more people are trying out options every year. There is almost only talk of buying shares, since most advisers and banks never even address short selling with CFDs as an alternative. But it is actually possible through a large number of online trading brokers that you will find in the top list above. Since you can go either long or short with CFDs, you can always choose your side for every single instrument.

Would you rather short sell stocks with CFDs than buy?

Buying shares is the “traditional” way of doing it, when you believe in a company. You invest a company because it is predicted that they will do well in the future. But not all companies do well, all the time.

In addition: When the market turns and stock market prices go down, then you can use online trading sites with CFDs that provide the opportunity with leverage and short selling on the same platform. Normally, a general upturn in the stock market lasts a maximum of 10 years and today it has been more than 11 years, so not many people doubt that a turnaround may be underway soon.

This is how you trade currencies

You can quickly get started with forex trading with CFDs by creating a demo account. All serious websites offer this free of charge, so you can try it completely risk-free. One of the fun things about trading currency is that you can initiate trading with relatively little (from a few hundred quid) since that is the minimum deposit for most forex brokers. Then you automatically get to use leverage, without any additional application. It’s just there. For you to enjoy.

Example: By depositing £500, you can trade major currency pairs such as GBP/USD with 30x leverage – equal to £15 000. Obviously, with this kind of exposure it’s important to be careful and preferable have some extra margin on your account in case the currencies goes in the wrong direction for a while.

Leverage offers great opportunities (and risks). Many traders follows technical analysis and trends even more than while trading stocks, since the volumes are exceptional and well suited for analysing trends. Sites offering trading with currency pairs, so called forex brokers, usually even have trading alternatives with commodities, indices and share CFDs.

Many of both the new and experienced traders prefer to trade some of the major currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY, since they claim it’s easier to follow trends and the liquidity and spreads are exceptional. Execution, when you like to close a position, usually goes in milliseconds – not 30 seconds or more that it might take with shares on smaller lists or from less liquid markets. Would you like to learn more? The best way is to practice with a free demo account, since you can see how it works for yourself. Go to eToro and try forex trading for yourself! You can start with a demo account and experience how it is before depositing.

Trade commodities with CFD

All online trading sites that offer CFD stocks and forex trading CFDs normally also have commodities such as gold, oil and silver to trade in the same way. Gold is often seen as one of the most stable and secure investments, which is often stable or increasing – even when the rest of the market is going down, when there is war or concern about the effects of Brexit, OPEC’s latest statement, buying or selling gold reserves from any central bank or Covid-19 related news.

It should be noted that CFD trading can be seen as easier to handle than futures that have a physical delivery of oil. Yes, with futures, you need to pick up the oil if you are holding the contract after the expiry date. On April 20 (2021), US WTI futures with physical delivery in May were in the red for just over a day and the downside was unbelievably large for people who was long, but incredibly lucrative for those who went short with CFDs instead.

Online trading without investment —> try a demo account

The quickest and most risk-free way to get started with modern online trading without investing anything is with a demo account. In a few seconds you can register and then have the opportunity to discover the stock, currency and commodity CFD market on one and the same platform. Trading online without a deposit is a flexible and educational way to get started and practice before you invest real money in trading. The range is huge and it costs nothing, even if a few instruments may be disabled on some platforms on the demo accounts.

Are you keen to try? Get a demo account today and enjoy online trading without investing anything. The perfect way to start trading risk-free.

Automated online trading

With the help of a trading robot, it is possible to trade CFDs on currencies, stocks, indices or commodities automatically. You put together a trading strategy and can then have a robot to trade for you. But first, a little backtesting is recommended to discover how it works.

Online trading from home

Online trading from home, a cafe or a resort where you are temporarily is a popular hobby for many. This hobby often turns into more serious trading over time. You can read a little about 7 reasons to run online trading with XM to get more inspiration for your trading (article will be live soon).

Online trading courses

There are a number of different courses that will help you get into the right mindset for online trading. Below is a list of the best courses in London, UK. It will be replenished with more as time goes on. Feel free to contact us if you have tips about good trading courses that we should look into.

London Academy of Trading
What’s included? There are three different courses to consider. The introduction to financial markets and trading is a 1 week course, where you can start at any time. The Trading Skills Course last 4 weeks and a new course start every week. For the Advanced Trading Course, you have to spend 12 weeks and will have time to learn a bit more.
Time: A new course every week during 2021.
Price: £399 for the introduction course up to £2699 for the advanced course, while learning trading skills during 4 weeks cost £1399.
Where? 2nd Floor, University of Law Bloomsbury Campus, 11-13 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AQ.
Contact: [email protected]. If you mention ForexTrading.uk as referrer, you get 10% off.

Do you want to know more? Further tips and suggestions can be found in our currency trading school.

Best forex broker for those looking to explore it?

If you are trying to shop at an online broker, we recommend trying it below as it is the one that has received the best rating of all in our tests and reviews.

Rating: 9.78/10
Minimum deposit: 50 GBP
Description: Get inspiration from the markets’ best traders for free! Discover the worlds’ best social forex trading site.

Risk warning: 68% of private investors lose money when they trade CFDs with eToro.


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