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A trading platform is the interface where you can trade currencies, commodities, ETFs and stocks from. In part, all major forex brokers have their own trading platforms, but there are also some larger and more popular third-party solutions such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

Below we go through all the leading trading platforms, some highlights and the differences between mobile and web-based alternatives. Let’s start with the 10 best self-developed trading platforms, before we go into third-party solutions, the big differences between the players and between web-based and mobile solutions and finally the market’s best trading apps.

3 best trading platforms developed by the brokers themselves

eToro: Copy trading at another level
eToro forex trading - overview+ Get inspiration and trade as the professionals do with “copy trading”, at no extra cost.
+ Incredibly fine & amp; well-formed interface. Really high user-friendliness.
+ Clear fees.
– Could have had a lower spread on certain currency pairs.
– Lacks Swedish support at night.

Get started: Learn more about eToro here and create a free demo account!

Plus 500: Det biggest listed forex company in the UKPlus 500's homepage
Listed on the FTSE 500. The world’s most capitalized company in foreign exchange trading.
+ All types of trading on one and the same platform. Over 2000 different instruments.
+ Can place manual orders if needed.
+ Really wide range of tools for technical analysis and a lot of news in real time.
– Could have had an even nicer website, even if the trading platform looks good.
– Missing BankID for verification.

Get started: Discover more about Plus500 here and start trading!
Riskvarning: 80.6% av alla icke-professionella kunder förlorar pengar på CFD-handel hos den här leverantören. Du bör tänka efter om du har råd med den stora risken för att du kommer att förlora dina pengar.

Skilling - viktiga händelser
After an in-depth review and detailed tests, Sweden’s best online trading platforms have been named. It is not very common for currency brokers to develop their very own trading platform. It is costly and requires rigorous testing before it can be implemented. Some actors who have put in solid work to create the best possible experience for their traders are the following:

Skilling: Modern, quick, user friendly and transparent
+ The most modern interface and with superior user-friendliness.
+ Provides the clearest information of all about interest costs and leverage.
+ Works phenomenally, no matter what device you use.
+ The fastest of all trading platforms to get started on, 8-12 seconds.
– Could have had more currency pairs.

Kom igång: Läs mer om Skilling här och börjar handla på 10 sekunder!

Trading platforms for special units

Plus 500 trading app - 150 pixlar
Ava Trade Go

AvaTrade – The best for iPhone
The most developed user interface that works on all iPhone mobiles comes from AvaTrade. Whether you want to shop from an iPhone X, iPhone Xr or Xs. But of course it also works great on previous models, such as iPhone 9, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Plus. AvaTrade is very easy to use from the iPhone and it is quick to place and receive orders.

The best for iPad – eToro
The platform that most people think is best on the iPad is undeniably eToro. Why you might be wondering?
Well, they use the height and width in an excellent way and get sold interface completely optimal for iPad 2, iPad 3 and even iPad Pro with even larger screen. Everything goes really fast when trading with eToro and you can always feel confident in the world’s largest listed companies in currency trading.

Skilling – The best for Mac (iOS) users
If you like simplicity, then Skilling can be an amazing choice. User-friendliness is on another level, with Google’s former Sweden CEO starting the company and handling the backend. Here you get everything as user-friendly and easy to understand as it can be. But the conditions are also favorable and you do not have to think but can get started in 10 seconds with a new account.

Apps: The most flexible way to trade

Real time prices from Plus 500's app
Plus 500 app

At the touch of a button, you are up and running. Can it be easier than currency trading via a trading app? For many, it is at least the most practical, as you are allowed to shop outside the computer as well.

Why is it so good to trade forex via an app?
There are plenty of benefits to running forex trading through an app instead of through a computer. Here are some of the reasons to skip a traditional trading platform and instead download an app from AvaTrade or eToro.

+ Can be downloaded quickly and completely free of charge.
+ Developed to work quickly on all mobiles, regardless of model.
+ Updated periodically to give you an optimal trading experience.
+ With 256-bit SSL encryption (https), you can always shop securely.
+ You get analyzes and current market data in real time.
+ Enjoy live prices around the clock, so you can always be up to date.
– Mobile apps can sometimes take up a lot of space on the phone.

The two most popular third-party solutions

By far the largest number of currency brokers have taken their trading platform from a third party, a specialized software developer who bakes all the most common features in a nice package that works easily and smoothly. By far the most used 3rd party solution is MetaTrader; a reliable platform that works in almost all markets, regardless of volume. But often the trading platforms developed by the currency brokers themselves are even more graphically appealing and some are even faster. Below are a number of third-party solutions that you should consider trying, in case you do not like to trade currency directly via the self-developed platform.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – The most established 3rd party solution
The foreign exchange market’s most used product has been around since 2005. MT4 was created by MetaQuotes Software and is licensed to many different currency brokers in the Swedish market. Its clarity and fast execution are two of the great benefits of MetaTrader 4. Among the disadvantages is that it is cumbersome to download to a Mac computer, as you must first install Play On Mac, before you can use the trading platform MT4. Therefore, many prefer the latter version instead.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) – The latest 3rd party solutionMetaTrader 5 logo
In 2010, MT5 came out, the significantly more modern version of MT4. MetaTrader 5 is available both as a terminal, ie downloadable version or as a website where you can log in and get started. It is a really powerful platform for currency trading that is used by both beginners, medium-sized traders and professionals. MetaTrader Mobile is their latest variant that you will automatically try if you trade currency from a mobile phone.

Forex Brokers offering MetaTrader: You can get our favorite for SRP trading with MetaTrader 5 through Capital. It is a truly professional platform with outstanding user-friendliness and flexibility. So you get really good prices, with a super low spread at Capital. Others that can be mentioned are AvaTrade and IG which offer at least one version of MetaTrader.

Affärsman som håller för ögonen

Alternative third-party solutions you should avoid
There are a number of useless trading platforms they should not use. Some examples that are often integrated as “self-developed” but in fact are bad third-party solutions include Trading Station and Zulu Trade. While TradingStation is a product that is primarily suitable for the American market and nowadays you are not even allowed to trade currency on it. In any case, Trading Station has lousy customer support, a poor user interface and it is difficult to make withdrawals – so avoid it. The same goes for Zulu Trade, which is one of the worst trading platforms on the market.

Web based or downloadable?

In a way, it is incredibly easy to trade directly via an application that you have downloaded, or an app. But many web-based trading platforms are incredibly well-designed. In the end, it’s a matter of taste what you like and through Valutahandel.se you can easily see screenshots of the market’s best downloadable alternatives, all of which are web-based and the market’s leading apps.

The difference between various companies

The big difference is the look and which providers are used to retrieve data. Bloomberg and Reuters are by far the best, but unfortunately they are not available to private individuals. (‘Tradebook: Bloombergs Professional Services’ is probably the leading variant on the market, but it is also very expensive – around £35 000 a year and not so easy to get started on as a beginner).

Kvinna som stänger affär över telefon
Kvinna stänger en trade med stor vinst

Do not forget this when comparing different options

Some important things when choosing a trading platform can be:
+ Is the platform available from the desired currency broker?
+ Opportunity to trade currency quickly: short reaction time, charging time and completely trouble-free operation.
+ Only drive with those who have a free test – the longer the better!
+ Access to a wide range of instruments and markets.
+ Are all necessary order types available (stop-loss, limit-order)?
+ Large selection of analysis tools if you use technical analysis.
+ Real-time news from a credible supplier.
+ Is it possible to use and develop automated trading systems?
+ Qualified customer support who understands your question and can answer quickly.
+ Is it possible to call in an order if necessary?
+ Reasonable costs if you are inactive.
+ Low spreads and fees for each trade.

Finally: What is the best trading platform for forex trading?

When it comes to appearance and functionality, different devices can make a significant difference. The very “best” trading platform is therefore up to everyone to test and decide for themselves, although of course we do our best to help you along the way.

A platform that is developed exclusively for currency pairs is certainly not the best for those who are also interested in stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies. But fortunately, most companies now run an all-in-all approach, where a wide range of financial instruments are available.

Another point that we consider important is how the diagrams are presented and how you can use them for your own needs. Here there are big differences in quality, adjustment options and options on different platforms. Some give you extremely detailed information where you can zoom in and check the details very carefully. Other platforms give you a greater overview over a longer period of time. It is thus again a matter of one’s own preferences. What do you prefer?

Create a demo account and test it yourself and you will find something that suits you. We always recommend that you experiment with demo accounts and familiarize yourself with the features and the broker before you dive in with your head first and start investing your own money.


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