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According to historical price action, Cardano (ADA) has been an ideal investment for investors and traders.

This digital asset has been receiving plenty of hype in 2021, with many people referring to it as an “Ethereum-killer”. After all, Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency token, just behind Bitcoin (BTC). Now that Ethereum is seeking to overtake Bitcoin, another opponent is coming up to overtake Ethereum.

Bitcoin is still the oldest and the largest crypto project but in recent times, Ethereum has been gaining significant numbers because of its compelling integrated programs. But does Cardano have the potential to steal the market share of Ethereum? And should you include it in your investment portfolio? This post will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Cardano, the realtime Cardano prices, where to purchase it and live Cardano rates.

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What is Cardano?

Cardano is a Dapp development program and a third-generation public blockchain. Cardano began to gain international media attention when it became the first blockchain project to integrate a peer-reviewed research strategy in its core principles. Presently, it is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world. It is important to understand that Cardano is the blockchain platform’s name whereas ADA is the cryptocurrency token’s name. The ADA token derives its name from Ada Lovelace, a mathematician.

Third-generation cryptos, including ADA, learn from Bitcoin and Ethereum and improve on the mistakes made by them. ADA uses innovations and developments like layered architecture to enhance security, sustainability, and scalability. By doing so, it addresses flaws, rectifies inefficiencies, and increases its usefulness.

How Does Cardano Work – What Makes it Unique?

Being third-generation crypto, Cardano aims at tackling the main challenges facing the adoption of large-scale blockchains. Cardano aims at addressing these challenges by coming up with engineering best practices and design principles.


Currently, there are myriads of cryptos in the market, each with its benefits, features, and ecosystem. Cardano aims to bring standards to the market that will allow interoperability across various networks. Examples of such systems are system upgrade protocols, feature sets, and blockchain governance models.


During its early days, Cardano could not handle more than 10 tps (transactions per second). However, they designed a new scaling solution for their network, Hydra. It is a layer 2 scaling solution that employs state channels to process off-chain transactions. By using this technology, Cardano can presently process more than a million transactions per second.


When interoperability is allowed on a blockchain, it introduces new risks that have to be addressed by developers. Such security concerns are where Cardano has worked on. The platform has put several standards in place to manage security, privacy, and decentralization.

How and Where Can You Trade ADA in the UK?

Here are the popular platforms that you can employ if you’re a UK resident and want to trade ADA.

Binance. This is the best crypto exchange to trade ADA if you’re based in the UK, Australia, or Singapore. The main reason why Binance is recommended is due to its low network charges.

Uphold. Uphold is also a great crypto exchange for buying ADA. Its main advantage is an instant money transfer and faster processing times.

Coinbase. This is also a great platform for newcomers.

eToro. This is the overall best broker in the UK to purchase Cardano.
The ADA crypto is listed on reputable cryptocurrency exchange platforms and offers a great amount of trading volume and liquidity. C

Coinbase included Cardano as one of its supported tokens in March 2021 which provided a high level of validation to the project. Here is a step-to-step guide on how to buy ADA if you’re a UK resident:

Create a user account with an exchange in the UK. To get started, you must sign up for a broker account with a crypto platform like Coinbase or Binance. These platforms allow you to buy Cardano.
Upload your identity documentation. You must give some proof of identity to prove your name and address. This can be either your ID card, passport, or utility bill.

Deposit funds in your account. To purchase ADA in the UK, you must have funds in your broker account. Select your preferred method of deposit and confirm the amount of money you wish to deposit.
Buy ADA. Search for the section indicated as Trade Markets or simply type Cardano in the search box. Once you have found it, you can select Trade and place a purchase order with the amount that you intend to

How to Store Cardano?

There are three main ways of storing your ADA – hardware wallet, desktop wallet, or mobile application. Each one of these strategies has its traits and benefits. Also, if one strategy does not fulfill your needs, you can consider combining them. A mobile wallet is an ideal way for beginners to enter the crypto space. It is free-of-charge to download, simple to set up, and is significantly secure. Due to this reason, new cryptocurrency traders should begin from here. Advanced users tend to prefer the desktop wallet because it offers improved security.

If you intend to invest heavily in ADA, you should consider buying a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are typically more secure as compared to mobile wallets. The reason behind this is that your crypto is stored safely offline in cold storage.

How Do You Know When to Buy?

Whether you’re buying stocks or cryptocurrencies, you must conduct thorough research on the long-term outlook of the asset. You should invest in ADA if you have considered the trends and believe that it will perform outstandingly in the next few years. Investment is not a get-rich-fast tactic and therefore, you should avoid getting caught up in trendy investments that might make plenty of money in the short term.

No one is certain about the success of cryptos, but if you believe in its potential, then you should be prepared to hold the investments through the tides of volatility. It is common for Cardano to experience short-term volatilities and as a trader, you should be prepared for this.

What is the Realtime Price for Cardano?

Cardano has been among the most active cryptocurrencies in terms of the development of technology. Just like Ethereum, Cardano is supporting smart contracts which is an incentive to people looking to join the network. Currently, the realtime ADA price is at €1.91 which is down by 2% in the last 24 hours. It has a daily trading volume of €2,021,394,490. Based on the live Cardano rate, it is ranked as third in cryptos, closely followed by Tether.

Cardano is on an uptrend on higher time frames where it indicated an all-time high during August, after long spells of re-accumulation. The price might shift in favour of the bearish trend during lower time frames. The price of ADA might be more bearish than bullish during the short-term, but its future is quite bright. Cardano has enjoyed an enormous uptrend and even outperformed Bitcoin in 2021. This is a strong uptrend and it does not seem to stop there.

What Makes ADA Unique?

Cardano is among the largest blockchains that have successfully implemented a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This mechanism requires less energy than the proof-of-work algorithm that is heavily depended on by Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Cardone takes pride in making sure that every technology that they develop is taken through peer-reviewed research. This means that ideas are challenged constructively before they become validated. This academic rigour assists the blockchain to become more stable and durable. It also helps to increase the likelihood of anticipating potential pitfalls in advance.

Cardano had a Shelley upgrade in 2020 to make its blockchain even more decentralized as compared to the rest of the blockchains. This would greatly encourage several assets to operate on its network.

Advantages of Cardano

Cardano is proof of stake and has a competent team behind its upgrades in the future.
Cardano has an academic backing that offers it great credibility that many altcoins do not have. This is useful for people who wish to learn more about ADA.
Cardano utilizes multiple layers which ensure fast transactions and unlimited scalability.
Cardano is very secure.
Cardano is a third-generation blockchain which makes it reliable because it overcomes the challenges faced by previous platforms.

Disadvantages of Cardano

Cardano is still in the development phase.
Cardano plans to introduce an open voting system to vote for or against and propose upgrades.
Having multiple chains is an outdated strategy.
There are issues with the synchronizations among ledgers.


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