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Norway will discuss interest rates on Thursday, what should we expect?

On Thursday, 16th December the central bank of Norway, also called Norges Bank will discuss what to do with the interest rates. Recently there’s been a new wave of Corona infected patients which made the government take immediate action and impose restrictions to keep the country from spreading the virus further. They also expect Norway …

Copy other people’s forex trading? Discover Skilling Copy Trading

Imitate, follow or copy right off? When it comes to online trading, it can be a promising strategy for many beginners. You do not have to do the hard work behind it and can follow the market’s leading traders with a few keystrokes, with a historically good return. Skilling is constantly trying to improve its …

Can I start trading today at Skilling if the deposit is made now?

Forex trading often gets questions about how fast it is possible to start trading online, from the time you open an account and make a first deposit. The simple answer? It depends on which deposit method you choose. With a VISA card or Mastercard, it normally only takes less than 30 seconds. Many forex brokers …

Forex trading in Scandinavia: Norway beats Sweden

After quite exactly 1 year, the Norwegian krone beats the Swedish krona. For a whole year, you have received more Norwegian kroner for the money, when you switched from Swedish. But Scandinavian currency trading changed today, when NOK / SEK reached 1,005, ie you have to pay 100.50 Swedish kronor to get 100 Norwegian kroner. …


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